Will Write for Food
The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More

Revised and Updated

"Will Write for Food should be mandatory reading for everyone who aspires to be a food writer." --Epicurious.com

Whether it’s a blog-turned-book-turned-movie like Julie & Julia, an article on eating with a conscience in the New York Times, or a family recipe passed down through generations, food writing is everywhere and it’s constantly adapting to evolving palates, publishing trends, and technologies.

In the newly revised and updated edition of Will Write for Food, I cover the most popular genres of food writing including: cookbooks, recipes, memoir, fiction, culinary travel, restaurant reviews, and a large new chapter on food blogging—a phenomenon now reaching millions of readers. Chapters, complete with skill exercises, cover everything from freelancing and writing pitch letters to constructing the perfect cookbook and enhancing blog posts with photography.

"An engaging, informative handbook for hobbyists and aspiring professionals. Worth purchasing even if you have the first edition."
- Library Journal

Table of Contents
Foreword by David Lebovitz
Chapter 1: What, Exactly, Is Food Writing?
Chapter 2: Characteristics of a Food Writer
Chapter 3: Getting Started
Chapter 4: Get Published with a Food Blog
Chapter 5: Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer
Chapter 6: Secrets of Restaurant Reviewing
Chapter 7: The Cookbook You've Always Wanted to Write
Chapter 8: The Art of Recipe Writing
Chapter 9: Memoir and Nonfiction Food Writing
Chapter 10: Writing About Food in Fiction
Chapter 11: How to Get Your Book Published
Based on my own experiences as a blogger, cookbook co-author, freelance writer and former magazine editor, the book also contains interviews with seventy-five of the country’s most successful food writers, literary agents, cookbook editors, and recipe developers. I reveal what kind of food writing is working now and why. Featuring generous strategic advice and “break into the business” stories from award-winning writers like cookbook author Mark Bittman, former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl, and Los Angeles Times Food Editor Russ Parsons, Will Write for Food provides an essential tool for every foodie hoping to put pen to page—or hands to keyboard.

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Praise for Will Write for Food

“Will Write for Food is a concise, illustrative and eminently useful guide to the nuts and bolts of professional food writing. Dianne Jacob gets right to the heart of what it takes not just to write—but to write well— about food. And she’s managed to wrangle a remarkable group of veterans to share their experiences and examples.”
Anthony Bourdain, author of the New York Times bestseller Kitchen Confidential

"I wish I'd read Dianne's book before I started a tiny little food blog on a whim years ago. For current and aspiring food writers, it's positively dropping with helpful advise and information."
—Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman Cooks

"A thorough tour through the increasingly dense jungle of the business of food writing. Dianne's bok will prove invaluable to all writers who want a new or bigger audience for their work, whether in digital form, in blogs, in magazines, in cookboks, or in food memoir."
Michael Ruhlman, blogger and author

Will Write for Food is a great gift, not just for those who are new to food writing, but for those already ensconced in the business. Dianne’s clarity, kind suggestions, and nudges and admonitions to work well are truly inspiring.”
Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

"Considering today's food-writing labrynth, Will Write for Food leads writers to success, step by step. It's a must on my can't-do-without bookshelf and a resource I always recommend to food writers."
—Antonia Allegra, director of the Symposium for Professional Food Writers at The Greenbrier

“Dianne Jacob has done a masterful job in this book of amassing everything a fledgling food writer needs to know. Whether one yearns to review restaurants for a local newspaper or turn a passion for food into magazine articles, or even a cookbook, Will Write for Food offers invaluable practical advice along every step of the way.”
Fran Gage, author of several cookbooks

“This book does a great job of covering the nuts and bolts of food writing, for sure, but Jacob delivers much more than the usual advice: She shoots straight about the realities of the business, provides loads of insider insights and practical exercises, and radiates enough genuine enthusiasm to get both beginning writers and seasoned pros up and at ’em.”
—Martha Holmberg, former publisher, Fine Cooking magazine

“Dianne Jacob has presented budding food writers with a clear blueprint on how to get started in the business.”
Michael Bauer, Executive Food and Wine Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

“My only complaint about Will Write for Food—and it’s a big one—is that it wasn’t around when I started my career. If you’re serious about becoming a food writer, save yourself years of banging your head against the wall in frustration and run to the checkout with this book now.”
—David Leite, food writer, and publisher and editor of Leite’s Culinaria

“You’ll find everything you need to know about becoming a food writer in this indispensable information-packed book. And if you’re already a food writer, this book will help you become a better one. Dianne Jacob takes you by the hand through every step of the process from hatching an idea to getting published. Useful writing exercises concluding each chapter help sharpen your skills. Dozens of quotes from successful food writers tell how they got started and what their working lives are really like. If food writing is your passion, then grab a copy of Will Write for Food and get busy!”
Greg Patent, winner of the James Beard Award for Baking in America

“In Will Write for Food, Dianne Jacob combines all the right ingredients for a delectable read.”
Joanne Fluke, author of Sugar Cookie Murder and other Hannah Swensen Mysteries


Chef Craig and I at a San Francisco pizza demo and book signing.
Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas

Until now, the only way to eat a gourmet pizza with a crispy, smoky crust was to order it in a restaurant. Today you can achieve the same flavor and texture by grilling it in the backyard. All you need is a grill and a spatula to create mouth-watering pizza for families or a crowd.

Chicago magazine calls my co-author Chef Craig Priebe a “pizza miracle worker.” He has been grilling for 12 years and now, with my help, brings his culinary creativity and seductive ingredient combinations from around the globe into the home kitchen.

Try a jerk-smoked pork pizza with plum chutney and mango, or a grilled eggplant piadina with a tomato vinaigrette. What's a piadina? It's a crispy grilled flatbread, folded in half and filled with ingredients such as pancetta, arugula and tomato. For a terrific exploration of piadinas, read this newspaper feature.

Watch Craig make the Emilian on TV: a proscuitto, Gorgonzola and sage grilled pizza with cantaloupe chutney.

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